Client: Nuffield College, Oxford

Project: Nuffield College Magazine

Nuffield College has produced an annual magazine for the last 17 years. The previous issue was designed before we began working with Nuffield and mid-way through a rebrand. As a result, it ended up being neither the previous brand nor the new branding - it was a bit of a halfway house. The magazine needed a complete revamp and had to reflect the new brand.

B&M had worked with one of the communications team at another college, and she knew we had the experience to produce a quality magazine that was much more brand orientated.

The difference is significant, with a more magazine-like structure and moving away from the ‘long newsletter’ feel in previous issues. Bold colour choices and contemporary layouts allowed us to use the brand elements extensively while still allowing the engaging content to shine.

We also printed and mailed the magazine, including switching to a perfect-bound design to increase that feeling of a magazine, not just a newsletter.