Client: Lincoln College, Oxford

Project: Donor Report

Commonwealth is Lincoln College's long-standing donor report. Its job is to quickly, clearly and accurately detail the college's finances over the last 12 months. After a successful proposal, Lincoln had selected B&M to redesign all of their publications. The donor report would be the first document that we'd have the opportunity to collaborate with them.

Lincoln College had recently gone through a rebranding process, giving them the perfect platform to redesign their alumni publications. Our job was to design something that not only hit the brief for a clear and stylish donor report but conformed to the brand guidelines too.

By designing a consistent layout, we created an easily understandable structure throughout. Graphs, infographics and crucial details appeared in the same positions from page to page, making it quick and easy to take in important information. Using bold blocks of background colour to increase contrast also made these more impactful.

It's not all about the visual elements, though. Commonwealth contains multiple reports that need to be easy to read with a clear hierarchy of information. We used a magazine-style type grid to introduce a solid structure, improve readability and reduce show-through between pages. By simplifying the header structure, we removed the potential for any confusing formatting. We typeset the body copy to be as easy to read as possible.

All of this created a stylish and elegant donor report that's bright, energetic and on-brand.