Client: Gamidor Technical Services

Project: Website & Marketing

B&M has provided web, design and marketing services to Gamidor for over ten years. During this time, we have designed and built several websites, art-directed photoshoots, created brochures and implemented marketing campaigns for specific targeted services.


We recently launched a campaign to promote their new ultrasound probe repair service. As a niche service, this needed a targeted approach to make sure the website was search engine optimised. Marketing materials also needed to be sent to a specific audience.

After creating a new section on the website, we tailored the content to be search engine friendly. Alongside this, we designed a sales brochure and built a targeted direct mail campaign. We procured specialist databases to guarantee it landed with the right people and managed the print and mailing process from start to finish.

As a full-service agency, we were able to provide advice and support to Gamidor and walk them through the whole process of launching a new service. Gamidor was also able to deal with just one point of contact to make the process run smoothly and quickly.